One day, we found no proper snack in the market for our kids. There were plenty of carb/sugar/fat/fried/salty with tons of un-pronounceable artificial additives added. Those wouldn’t surely be good for our health.

So we started to develop our own snacks, then got supported from NSTDA for Sodium Reduction R&D.

That’s the beginning of Tasty Treasure.



any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink
or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth.

We believe Food should be natural as much as possible.


We (Pen & Len) used to work in TV Commercials production houses and turned our life-compasses to new direction, according to the natural way we raise our kids.

Cooking & looking after the kids, we found the power & magic of Food Nutritions in their health & developments.

So we & friends started this organization up to share something to the society and provide healthy snacks to everyone out there.


Tasty Treasure is Bangkok based.


Our R&D started since end of 2017, the company registered at the end of 2018. Our 1st product launched in March 2019.


We work very closely with many researchers for many subjects to serve many pain points.